“Since we've started implementing the HYPA Academy, it's compressed the three years of building skills and knowledge of sales, coaching and mentoring that I've gained, into simple training modules to upskill present and future Reps in our business. I would say that the importance of the platform and connectivity has contributed to both my personal and business growth and the development to being a Leader today. I couldn't put a price on the value of having this resource at the start of my journey. ”

“I have been a member of HYPA Group for three years now and the Academy has been one thing that has enabled me to fast track my growth. The frequency of the business development calls and resources enables members of our group to really get to know the sales industry – inside and out. From my experience this is essential for someone who wants to get promoted sooner. This benefited my career - from not knowing anything about business in the industry to now sitting on the board. ”

“The HYPA Academy shines a light on many concepts that have helped me to have a stronger understanding of all the processes in our Industry. The level of delivery and explanation has made it so easy to apply the lessons and topics to the day to day application of what we do, the bonus being how easily accessible they are to go back to, retrain and reference. It's honestly a cheat sheet to fast tracking your development and progression through the business. I couldn't emphasis just how much of a difference it makes. ”